Album List for Winamp

Album List for Winamp 2.0

Developer Safai Ma

Album List turns your directory tree into a list of albums.

Print Directory

Print Directory 1.5

Developer AshiSoft

A program that allows to List or Print file directory structures easily.

Directory Lister Pro

Directory Lister Pro 1.6

Developer KRKSoft

It helps you easily create list of files and export them or print them.


File-List 2.2

Developer Eike Hansen


Window Directory File List

File List Creator

File List Creator 1.2

Developer WenSoftware

It's a little utility that can help you manage and keep track of all your files.

Print File List Pro

Print File List Pro 2.1

Developer James River Software

With Print File List Pro you can send file listings to your printer.

File Tree Printer

File Tree Printer 3.2

Developer DigitByte Studio

It is an effective software which can be used to export files & directory ..

Instant File Opener

Instant File Opener 3.0

Developer Magnonic Software

Instant File Opener allows you to create a list of multiple files.

File & Folder List Maker

File & Folder List Maker 1.1

Developer PC Pros 2 Go

This is a useful application for creating lists of files and folders.

Directory Tree List Maker

Directory Tree List Maker 1.0

Developer Olivier Sangala

Create a Directory structure in no time using Directory List Tree Maker.

JR Directory Printer

JR Directory Printer 1.2

Developer Spadix Software

Print a listing of every file contained within a directory and/or subdirectory.

WebArchiver Pro

WebArchiver Pro 2.1

Developer WA, Inc.

You can drag a file from the Progress window to the Task list or to a folder.


WinFortress 2.3


This utility is developed to prevent virus activity before any changes are made.

File List Viewer

File List Viewer 2.0

Developer Data Recovery Software Engineering

File List Viewer is a file listing and testing software.


Window Directory File List

ICQ UIN Backup

ICQ UIN Backup 1.3


On every login ICQ saves the loaded contact list in a local FB file.

File List Generator

File List Generator 1.5

Developer ReStoring Data Inc.

File List Generator organizes, prints, and helps isolate files.

File List Builder

File List Builder 3.1


Collect the names of files from a specific directory and save them to a file.

Directory List & Print

Directory List & Print 2.30

Developer Infonautics GmbH

With this you can print directory listing, corresponding list.


MyLaunchMenu 1.0

Developer BitDaddys Corp.

This program is a quick launch menu that sets in your Task Bar.

Put File List

Put File List 1.1

Developer KADDISS

FWI File List

FWI File List 1.0

Developer FWI - Information Tecnology Dept.


Folder2List 3.3

Developer M. & R. Gillmeister GbR

With Folder2List you can quickly and easily create folder and file lists.

Create Multiple Folders From Text File List Software

Create Multiple Folders From Text File List Software 7.0

Developer Sobolsoft

Create multiple folders or subfolders based on paths found in a text file.

InDeep File List Maker

InDeep File List Maker 1.2

Developer InDeep Software

Directory List & Print Pro

Directory List & Print Pro 2.4

Developer Infonautics GmbH, Switzerland

This program can be used to list and print the contents of any folder.

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